Posted on Feb 28, 2006


Ubuntu is the new Debian-derived Linux distro that focuses on making Linux usable for the average computer user. It aims at building and leveraging a strong user community that can then provide a good support system for users – for both personal and commercial use.

Ubuntu, founded by Mark Shuttleworth, ships free CDs to registered members of Lauchpad, and registration is free. If you like the concept of Ubuntu and want to pay for it, there are many ways of doing it – donate, contribute to the development of the project, or just make copies of your Ubuntu install CDs and pass them on to others who would like to use Ubuntu.

I just received by 5-CD pack from Ubuntu, and started playing with it. If you are in India and want a copy, drop a note in the comments, I will ship you one asap. I will give away the 4 spare CDs I have to start with, and then a couple CDs every month afterwards.