Posted on Jan 30, 2011

Re-enable right click and copy-paste on OnlineSBI

I have been thoroughly frustrated by not being able to copy-paste payee account numbers and addresses into the SBI online banking website. Having to type everything by hand takes a long time, especially for a product of the cut-paste generation like me. On top of that, entering account numbers by hand is error-prone.

While I curse the feature, I can understand when my good friend @srijitm tells me that these features prevent people from inadvertently copying passwords (and other sensitive information) to the clipboard which can be accessed by someone else using the PC or through a hack.

So I drop plans to create a BeatOnlineSBI extension to help the world beat the evil designs of the bank.

But I am still frustrated, so I download and install the Anti-Disabler greasemonkey script (thanks to Mark Pilgrim) which re-enables the right click functionality. Tthis does not solve the cut-paste problem as the fields have oncopy and onpaste handlers set to false. A couple of lines added to the Anti-Disabler script does the trick:

if(e.getAttribute("oncopy")=="return false") e.setAttribute("oncopy", null);
if(e.getAttribute("onpaste")=="return false") e.setAttribute("onpaste", null);

Now I can freely copy-paste stuff in and out of the online banking site, as long as I use Firefox to access it. Making the script work on Safari and Chrome is for another day.